Dipl. Eng. Dragomir Draganov

Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology

Dear colleagues and partners,

I am pleased to invite you to the Sixth edition of the European Mining Business Forum (EMBF) – an event which will be held on 5 June this year in Sofia. The Forum – which we are organising together with the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy and the European Association of Mining Industries – is the most significant initiative of this kind for our sector in Bulgaria and a key feature in the calendar of the European mining community.

Our focus this year will be on highly relevant policies and strategies for the industryin Europe, such as the Critical Raw Materials Act, a key piece of legislation aimed at strengthening the value chain in the critical raw materials sector, as well as on the challenges faced by businesses in the context of the EU’s green transition and the Union’s ambitions to achieve climate neutrality. In addition to these, we will address the economic and social importance of the mining industry by presenting in-depth research and concrete examples of best practices in various regions.  

The EMBF will be attended by high-ranking representatives of the European institutions responsible for the sector, members of the Bulgarian Government and representatives of local authorities, senior executives of European and national industry organisations, high-level economic experts and business leaders

I hope in these discussions we will be able to exchange useful ideas, propose solutions and create opportunities for sustainable development of the mining industry as a sector which is well-placed to drive a modern and competitive economy for Europe.
















1Legislative framework for the mining sector in BulgariaHall Sofia
2Vision of the European Commission on the development of the mining industry in Europe by 2050Veronika Kohler Shime Hall Sofia
3Mining legislation – an obstacle or a cornerstone for investmentsDr. Corina Hebestreit Hall Sofia
1EIT RawMaterials’ contribution to innovations in the European mining sectoreng. Dragomir Draganov Hall Sofia
2Mineral raw materials are the future - The importance of mining in Europe to meet the demandRumen Radev Hall Sofia
3A tour of recent developments in EU climate and energy policy: the implications for coal and ligniteBrian Ricketts Hall Sofia
4Impact of Low Carbon technologies on mineral demandDr. Markku Iljina Hall Sofia
5The future of Energy [Technology and Economics] and its Impact on MiningVasili Nicoletopoulos Hall Sofia
6The exploration of Interoceanmetal Joint Organization for the development of deep sea polymetallic nodules projectTomasz Abramowski Hall Sofia
1Education and staff for the mining sectorPetar Ganev Hall Sofia
2Mining in Europe into the future – the Nordic experienceProf. Magnus Ericsson Hall Sofia
3BG Mining, The Way ForwarDr. Iliya Garkov Hall Sofia
4Recent trends in 3D Geological ModelingRolf Kuby Hall Sofia
5Eco-innovation and sustainable developmentEng. Ivaylo Vasilev Hall Sofia
6Shared values in Mining industry regionsNikolay Minkov Hall Sofia